My name is Alejandro Castelar,

pronouns They/Them/He/Him/His.

A queer, DACA recipient, immigrant that celebrates life and prosperity in Tucson AZ. My work is heavily influenced by my experiences as a queer migrant and those who are fighting oppression, alienation and the criminalization. My work continues to change since I continue to learn more about, accessibility, and equity through protesting and organizing. I learned, very quickly, the systems in place were not there to accommodate for the way others learned or could thrive. I take that lived experience and put it in my work is a constant reflection of the resistance we live everyday.

The background of the image for this flyer was created when I was in high school. Its part of a series of images I put together a while ago to create one whole image. I wanted to combine places that I spent a lot of time in and express the way I was feeling at the time. Most of the other pictures are about death, incarceration, solitude. The queer migrants on the bottom right corner are to show that we are different beautiful beings. Made Con mucho amor.